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WIl-l-SOI’l 1 "" 

. ballm. MA. °' 970 

» 45 ,\ 

i w 


the 1970 wife 

salem classical and high school °' 
salem, massachusetts 

Come writers and critics who prophesize with your 

And keep your eyes wide the chance won't come 

And don't speak too soon for the wheels still in 

And there's no telling who where it's aiming 

For the loser now will be later to win 

For the times they are a changing. 

UP*-' ^ 

us 0,16 '* »«* * acfc , 

irash, smog, sprawl, noise, garbage, u 


c <>m i n 


The line it is drawn; the curse it is cast 
The slow one now will later be fast 
As the present now will later be past 
The order is rapidly fading 
The first one now will later be last 
For the times they are a changing." 

Bob Dylan 

For profiteers, wnat a Lovely war 

Mr. McCabe— 

To Mr. Edward McCabe the class of 1970 
fondly dedicates this yearbook. Mr. McCabe 
has been teaching at Salem High School for 
39 years. He is loved for his dedication, 
friendliness, and his concern for the students 
and faculty members of Salem High. Thank 
you Mr. McCabe for the sunshine you have 
brought into our school. 


seniors 14 

vocational 88 

sports 94 

organizations 122 

activities 138 

graduation 174 

faculty 1 90 



Ours is a unique generation: 

Filled with hope, burdened with responsibility, 
We inherit a superior, yet imperfect society. 
In the name of progress, 

We trespass accepted boundaries of tradition. 
Often controversial, never apathetic, 

We are censured by many, understood by few. 
Rejecting outdated ways for dynamic ones, 

We insist on being heard, 

For our claim to the future cannot be denied. 

* * * * 

* * 


Linda M. Pelletier 
Salem High, '70 

anthony m. ahearn 

"the world should listen 
as i am listening now." 


john s. andrews 

"happy am i; from care i'm free." 

carole andruszkiewicz 
" giggles " 

"i am giddy, expectation whirls 
me around." 

wayne I. andrews 

"he's a gentleman, a scholar and 

an athlete all in one." 

deidre f. antos 
"dee dee" 

"my life is like a stroll on the 

john r. arthur 
" Schwartz " 

"overflowing with wit, merri- 
ment and pleasure." 

paula m. attridge 

"a maid of grace and complete 


marlene m. aubert 
"m. a." 

"beauty and grace command the 

janet I. april john w. archambault 

"a lovely lady garmented in light "wally" 

from her own beauty." "come fill up my cup, come fill 

up my can. saddle your horses 
and call all your friends." 

jon armstrong 

"no greater spirit hath any man." 

robert w. baker, jr. 


"good nature is without disguise.' 

mary banville 

"a thing of beauty is a joy for- 

bertram r. beaulieu 

"an honest man with a warm 
heart within." 

linda I. belfiore 

"always bubbling over with pep 
and radiant laughter." 

kathryn h. bellew 
" kathy " 

"gentle ways, happy, kind, a 
better friend you'll never find." 

laurent |. bedard 

"a man of deeds, not words." 

lynda I. bellows paula m. bemis 

"/ynne" “a maid of quiet ways, friendly 

"a little mystery mixed with a to all she'll ever be." 
quiet charm." 

rene v. bergeron glenn d. bergevin 

" little burger" "flash" 

"he who does not love wine, "still achieving, still pursuing." 
women, and song remains a fool 
his whole life long." 

roger j. berube 

"to be what we are, and to be- 
come what we are capable of 
becoming is the only end of life." 


renee black 
" rin-tin-tin " 

"her happiness seems made to be 

marianne blais 

"the gentle mind by gentle deeds 
is known." 

janet blais 

"the greatest happiness of 
is the conviction that we 
loved, loved for ourselves, 
rather in spite of ourselves." 




linda I. blais 

"a smile that charms and 
sonality that engulfs." 

a per- 

norman blanchette 

"truth stands on his side; ease 
on the other." 

deborah I. blasczak 

"into her soul only few have 
peered, but to those she is en- 

joyce a. boltas 

"in all this world no face so fair; 
no heart so kind, no charm so 

collette bouchard 

"a coolness about her makes her 

laugh at anything." 

celeste y. bouchard 
"kindness is the golden chain by 
which society is bound together." 

debra a. boggoch 

"what sweet delight a quiet life 

richard boucher 

"fully appreciated by those who 
know him best." 

roger p. boucher 

"an appealing personality 
pleasant . . . good natured. 

paulet s. brillant 
"it is tranquil people 
complish much." 



linda e. bresnahan 

"a keen wit, a wise look, and an 
answer always ready." 

barbara bovio 

"there is nothing that costs so 
little and goes so far as cour- 

janet g. briggs 
"/• b " 

"i took the road less traveled on 
and that has made all the dif- 

elaine c. brown 

"a sunny nature wins lasting 
friendship everywhere." 

Catherine callahan 

"a sunny disposition— the very es- 
sence of life." 

diane c. buonfiglio 
"those who bring sunshine to the 
lives of others cannot keep it 
from themselves." 

paul h. burke 

"a man with all his noble quali- 

susan a. burke 

"a talented package of mischief 
and energy." 

laurence burnett 

"a merry heart, a smiling face 
and rounds of laughter in be- 

& * 


brian e. Campbell 
"on that best portion of a good 
man's life; his little unremem- 
bered acts of kindness and love." 

gary m. cameron 

"the catching quality of reserve 

tinged with subtle humor." 

richard j. callahan 

'a dreamer of dreams. 

priscilla canney 

"the thing that goes the farthest 
toward making life worthwhile, 
that costs the least and does the 
most is just a pleasant smile." 

|ane c. cappuccio 
"enthusiasm is the key 



patricia a. carpenter 

"an abridgment of a 
pleasant in man." 

brian a. caron 

"life is a jest and all things show 
it; i thought so once and now i 
know it." 

roger |. caron 

"an honest man 
heart within." 

that was 



sally m. carson 

"a quiet girl well known to few. 

ellen m. chagnon 
" 'tis not in mortals to demand 
success, but to achieve it." 

rita p. cassidy 

"a sunny disposition is the very 
soul of success." 

michael r. chandler 

"the direction in which education 
starts a man will determine his 
future life." 

linda e. chouinard 
"she has a good time wherever 
she goes, and radiates pleasure 
from her head to her toes." 

jeffrey I. dark 

"life is what you choose to make 

sally a. dark 

"a girl of cheerful yesterdays and 
confident tomorrows." 

joseph a. chalupowski 

"a man of his word." 

robert n. christy 
" senior " 

"zealous, yet modest." 

nancy m. cobb 
"love begins with 


timothy ' 

"a quiet 


richard e. collins 

"world; receive an honored 

patrick w. connors 

james e conlin "a quiet disposition will surmount 

“jim" ' any difficulty." 

"in his smile there is a reflection 
of friendship." 

john j. conway 

"life is just one long holiday." 

dana m. corriveau 

"tall in stature, tall in sportsman 


janet e. cook 

"her heart radiates a special 

albert c. corneau 
"earnestness and sport are often 
good neighbors." 

janice m. cote 
" shorty " 

"good things 

come in small 

judith e. cronin 

"she's as irish as erin go bragh!" 

mary e. curtis linda g. cushman 

"the time to be happy is now, ” a smile kept from none and 

the place here." given to all." 

wayne j. cyr 

"none but he himself could be 
his parallel." 

gloria m. czerchawski 

"a happy and thoroughly friendly 


paula m. cunney 

"a live wire from the start to 
the finish." 

joyce m. daigle joseph c. davidson, jr. 

"a cheerful companion is price- "the true, strong and sound mind 
less." embraces all things great and 


donald e. decowski, jr. 


"faith in yourself is one half the 

patricia a. day 

"a sunny nature and a pleasing 

deborah a. decotis 
" debbie " 

"how rare a gem to hold such 
dedication, devotion and most of 
all, patience." 


gail desmond 
" brownie " 

"she possessed an imp or two— 
what she'd do next no one 

nancy j. devaney roger j. deveau 

" smiley " "he is a constant friend; a thing 

"a winning combination of sweet- rare an d hard to find." 
ness, modesty, and sincerity." 

ruth c. derby 

"it's nice to be natural when 
you're naturally nice." 

jean a. derocher 
"to love for the sake of being 
loved is human, but to love for 
the sake of loving is angelic." 

raney j. deschenes 
" chick " 

"charms strike the sight, but 
merit wins the soul." 

maria a. d'iorio 

"a constant overflowing of w 
and good company." 

michael e. dion 

"nothing endures but personal 

richard m. ditroia 

"silence is better than unmean- 
ing words." 


edwin r. devereux robert n. dickson 

"dicky" "bob" 

"hang sorrow! let's be really "two qualities in him blend— a 

true sportsman and a real friend. 


audia j. dowdell 

luiet and still, yet lots of fun. 

diane j. dube 

"she's always there when the fun 

susanna diveglia 

"her true eyes— too pure and too 
honest to disguise the sweet soul 
shining through them." 

pearl e. dow 
"dark and vivacious." 

thaddeus j. drabkowski 

"he held his seat, a friend to the 
human race." 

donald j. driscoll 

"the fool dies nobly for a cause, 
the wise man lives humbly for 

diane m. dumas 

"good humor is one of the best 
articles of dress one can wear in 

daniel d. dumond 
" danny " 

"quiet in manner, but resolute in 

lorraine c. dumas 

"her sweet smil 



paul a. dube 

"profound sincerity is the only 
basis of talent, as of character." 

suzanne m. dube 

"honor her sinking flame of hilar- 
ity with the wing of friendship." 

thomas s. dubiel 

"a smiling countenance 
friends, a determined i 
nance with sports." 

[ with 

john h. dunn kevin I. dunn 

"jay" "dunngy" 

“he was one of those who can- “keep your face always toward 
not be but in earnest; whom the sun and the shadows will 
nature herself has appointed to fall behind you." 
be sincere." 

joseph j. elliott 

"a talented athlete, yet diligent 
and capable of tackling any prob- 
lem coming his way." 

lames e. eaeistein 


“goodness, honesty, and loyalty 
—what else in a man could there 

claire m. ellis 

"how lady-like she doth appear 

marie d. el I is 

a spectacle of human happi 

robert fallis 
"the handsome 
liked by all." 




glenn m. erps 

"without music, life would be a 

paul fenton 

"no man loves life like him." 

patricia a. emmert 

"a glistful cheer dominates her." 

james I. femino 

"a little nonsense now and then 
is relished by the wisest men." 

thomas n. fenton 

"full of fun with a flair for the 

barbara c. fladger 

"a shining star of vitality and 


james m. flowers 

so ends the bloody business of 
the day." 

kathleen m. flynn 

"her air has a meaning, her 
movements a grace." 

kathleen j. finniss 

"a frosting of unique humor." 

susan e. fontaine 

"brevity is the soul of wit." 

deborah a. fornari 

" 'tis but a part we see, and not 
the whole." 

john s. frederiksen 
in idle wishes fools supinely 
stay be there a will, and wisdom 
finds a way." 

arthur I. francis 
"big lar" 

"nothing shall deter me, i shall 
be great." 

nancy j. fraser 

"mischief, meet thy maker." 


karen m. freitas 

"she has friends, not for the sake 
of receiving but of giving." 

Stanley fronki 
" ko " 

"a strong will and a settled pur- 
pose can accomplish almost any- 

sheila gallant 

"her virtues reflect her charm." 

nancy t. gallo 

"for we who live to please must 
please to live." 

paul d. gallo 

"he who rules his own spirit is 
better than he who conquers a 

michael I. ganey 

"a blend of sharp wit and keen 

dixie garfield 

"i have a heart with a room for 
every joy." 

mark garland 

"a rare compound of quietness, 
mischief and fun." 

carol gaynor 

"poise with a personality as 
golden as her hair." 

paula j. gauthier 

"those who are energetic and 

ready for fun are cherished by 


joanne g. gibely 

"mischief sparks in her eyes and 
her laughter never dies." 



david gibney 

"hard work is the way to a good 

gail m. gibney 

"those who bring sunshine to the 
lives of others cannot keep it 
from themselves." 

joann d. gongas 

"a happy heart, a quiet soul." 

cynthia p. gorczya 

"manners must adorn knowledge, 
and smooth its way through the 

laurence f. gray 

"those who are pleased them- 
selves must always please." 

cynthia greenberg 

"whose life is a bubble, and in 
length a span." 

kenneth guillen 

"a heart that never forgets to 

denise m. guy 
"and a very nice girl you'll find 

diane I. guy 

"born with the gift of laughter." 


patricia m. harkins 

"speak softly and gently smile." 

mary b. hagen 

"she is the spirit of friendship 
whose spirit is always known." 

kathleen m. hayes 

"style dominates her being." 

sheila m. hever 
"the mildest manners 
gentlest heart." 

robert w 


"a fellow marked 
actions and helpfu 

david s. hoar 

r . „ "a faultless body and a blameless 

by friendly mind « 





donna henderson 
"a peace above all earthly digni- 
ties, a still and quiet conscience." 

kathieen hennessey 

"a merry twinkle in her eye, a 
sunny smile as she passes by." 

donald a. jalbert 

“to cherish an eternal friendship 
is to know him." 

jean j. jalbert 
"mr. big" 

"the only thing worth having in 
an earthly existence is a sense of 

Christine e. howe 

"love is the beginning of knowl- 
edge, as fire is of light." 

william w. horan 

"his limbs are cast in manly mold, 
for hardy sports and contest 

irene c. horeczy 

"my heart is warm with the 
friends i make." 

arthur p. ingemi 

"the world has room for the 
manly man, with the spirit of 
manly cheer." 

donna m. jendraszek 

"she's the image of human hap 


joseph w. jenkinson 

"wisdom and wit are born with 
a man." 

margaret a. jamieson 

"one who has the ambition 
try, always succeeds." 


john g. jermyn 

"as if the world and he were 
hand in glove." 

judith e. johnson 

"the highest graces of music flow 
from the feelings of the heart.' 

jamie a. kefalas 

"personality, a gleaming smile, 
an active mind, a friend worth- 

jean a. julien 

"he loves to laugh, he loves all 

carol j. judge 

"life is not so short that there is 
time enough for courtesy." 

peter kastanopolous 

"just a regular all around fellow." 

roger g. joly 

"here's a hand to the boy who 
has the courage to do what he 
knows to be right." 


michael j. kelleher 
" mike " 

"politeness is a good nature reg- 
ulated by good sense." 

james kelly 

"an affable and courteous gen- 

trudy v. kent 
" fribble " 

"she has a smile for every friend, 
and a friend for every smile." 

bart a. keyes 

"cunning is the dawning of wis- 

jane m. kiely 

"she was made for happy 
thoughts, for playful wit and 

charlene r. kimball 

"the quiet mind is richer than a 

john m. kobuszewski 
"the mind of each man 
man himself." 

william c. kocur 

"a true friend and companion." 

karen a. konopka 

"make haste to live, and consider 
each day a life." 

mary joyce konieczny 

"happy, cheerful and friendly- 
all that combined in one." 

albert s. kopiecki 
"big al" 

"life is but thought." 

agnes j. krajeski 

"a daughter of the gods, divinely 
tall and most divinely fair." 

maureen e. kostan 
"big moe" 

"her friends there are many; her 
foes— are there any?" 

martin kozik 

"mirth is the sweet wine of life." 

edward r. kushmerek 

"of all the heavenly gifts thal 
mortal men commend, what 
trusty treasures counterweigh a 

lynn m. lachapelle 

"in every gesture, dignity and 


patricia laforme 

"a happy life consists of tran 

quility of mind. 

donna landry 

"an outburst of emotions; a 
stream of tranquility." 

andrea m. latauskas 

"an air of sweetness 
ness about her." 

john f. leahy 

"in gentleness and confidence 
shall be your strength." 

raylene g. leblanc 

"some think the world is made 
for fun and frolic— and so do i." 

brenda leblanc 

"a merry heart and a happy smile 
make many friends." 

patricia I. leblanc 

"her character Jabbed 
colors of gentleness and 



peter g. lecouras 

"in what he greatly thought, he 
nobly dared." 

jane m. lefrangois 

"all times i have enjoyed." 

veronica a. leger 
" ronn/e " 

"pleasantly capricious, yet stead- 
fast in friendship." 

heidi p. lefleur 

"the foundation of every noble 
character is sincerity." 

james f. lee 

"all loved his smile, because 
beaming from end to end it in- 
dicates a humorist and a friend." 

peter r. linskey 

"in his eyes is the reflection of 

thomas a. lubas 

"as you are so the world wishes 
and hopes you remain." 

john p. lord linda a. louf 

"lord" "character is the governing ele- 

"he may look quiet, but look ment of 

david r. levasseur janice m. levasseur 

"dave" " brillo " 

"of manners gentle; of affections "to be an artist, that is the true 

mild, in wit a man; simplicity, a goal, the only adequate objec- 

child." tive, the divinely destined end 

for man." 


diane maney 
"trust is the first 
making a friend." 

deborah e. maguire 

"just a little girl, most dear and 



ang-ella m. mac donald 

"a happy heart filled with kind- 
ness, sincerity, and gentleness." 

laurel macartney 

"how blithe my heart, and how 
free my spirit." 

susan lyons 

"the majesty like that from a 
man's soul radiates from her 

theresa mangiafico 

"a panorama of matchless quali- 
ties, highlighting a dynamic per- 

jane manning 

"good health and good sense are 
two of life's greatest blessings." 

karen a. marengi 

"a perfect woman, nobly planned 

to warn, comfort, and command." 

richard p. marchand 
" phil " 

"i accept the universe." 

richard j. marchand 

"he is a quiet observer." 


me duff 

'a good 




donna m. martel 
"blessed with charm; 
tainty to please." 

thomas m. martin 

"men are polished, 
and speech." 

kathleen m. marsh 

"what her heart 
tongue speaks." 







janice a. mattson 
"be yourself, honest and unpre- 
tending, and you will enjoy 
through life the respect and love 
of friends." 


robert p. me cauley 

"the shortest answer is doing." 

dorothy j. me keen 

"sow good services; sweet re- 
membrances will grow from 

gail I. me neil 

"she stands in her own light.' 

michael I. merandino, jr. 


"they are never alone who are 
accompanied by their noble 


shirley a. michaud 
" sam " 

"willingness to help is a reward- 
ing experience." 

juliana merritt 

"an inquisitive mind that takes 
on a happy ending."’ 

deborah milliken 
"she who is content will find hap- 
piness wherever she may wan- 

robert a. monahan 

"it is the one mark of a good 
friend that makes you wish to 
be at your best when you are 
with him." 

susanne e. michaud 

"laughing eyes, a merry smile 
and a merry, merry heart." 

john d. milligan 

"wise to resolve, and patient to 

gregory j. mizioch 
"mad russian" 

"full of mischief, a jolly good 

anthony minutoli 

"clever without showing it, charm 
without knowing it." 

patricia a. morin 

"life has no blessing like a pru- 
dent friend." 

paul morneau 

"concerning their own merits, 
modest men are mute." 

donald mullen 

"he is a quiet observer." 

maureen v. morrison 

"how lightly she wears the crown 
of intelligence, leadership, and 

robert p. moulton 

"a fellow who always looks at 
the bright side of things." 

patricia a. mooney 

, f am " 

"her heart is like a garden fair 
where many pleasant blossoms 

richard I. munroe 

"in quietness and confidence 
shall be your strength." 

kathleen a. murphy 

"a dynamic mixture of personality 
and eagerness." 

denise b. nadeau 

"there is no substitute for talent." 

janet nabozny 
"unbound energy with an 
berant personality." 


owen p. mysliwy 

"who wears his wit in his belly 

and his guts in his head." 

kathleen m. nadeau 

"what is mine is yours, and what 
is yours is mine." 

kathleen a. newton 

"she smiled— there was no hint of 

sadness in her face." 

edward j. narey, jr. 


"free as a wandering breeze." 

carol a. noble 

"the smiling friendly essence of 

claire p. nelson 

"personality is the flower of fun 
and fun is forever a joy." 

I 1 

joanne m. nonni 

"life is not life at all without de- 


richard d. noone 

"sincerity and a sense of humor— 
there is no parallel." 

elaine d. norris 

"a jovial, joking way she has." 

thomas w. o'brien 

"once a gentleman, always a 

Christine o'connell 

"she is light-hearted and gay, a 
general favorite as they say." 

beverly a. norbaka 

"let's enjoy pleasure while we 
can, pleasure is never long 

janice p. o'connell anne e. o'connor 

"/an" "i am a part of all that i have 

"beneath the quiet calm of placid met." 

men lay depths of comradeship 

and laughter unexpressed." 

patricia a. o'dowd 

"the silence of pure innocence 
persuades when speaking fails." 

nancy lee olbrych 

"a sunny temper gilds the edges 
of life's blackest clouds." 

dorothy olszewski 

" 'then what is life?' i cried." 


bruce v. 
"music is 

wimam m. o'shea 

"quiet in an adventurous sort of 


Charles e. o neil 

"no person is either happy or so 
unhappy as he imagines." 





doris a. ouellette 

"her bright personality is a 
radiance of warmth." 

elaine m. page 
"a friendly smile, 

Stanley d. ozereko 
" stan " 

"it is better to light a lamp than 
to call shepherds from green 
fields of tuna fish." 


deborah patch 

"a sweet attractive kind of grace.' 

gail page 

"a tender heart, a will inflexible.' 

james p. patterson 

"he will through life be master of 
himself and a happy man who 
from day to day can say 'i have 

linda a. pel letier rena pel letier 

"is not the true happiness in life "all things are won by diligence." 

found in making others smile?" 


mary I. peterson 
i "friary lo u" 

"a light heart and a cheery smile 
last forever." 

ronald t. pelletier 

"good sense and good nature are 
never separated." 

gerald p. pesarek 

"nothing worries me. 

|anet y. peterson 

"her eyes were made for laugh 
ing, and they do their duty well. 1 

susan m. phelps 

"you are not fully dressed until 
you are wearing a smile." 

peter e. phillips 

"to be merry becomes you." 


elizabeth j. pickett 

"her hair is no sunnier than her 

deborah a. plante 

"beauty is truth, truth beauty." 


marietta m. 


"her beauty goes further than her 

alexander a. pszenny 

"studious, but not without a 
sense of humor." 

kathleen m. putnam 

"carefree, vivacious, with never 
a dull moment." 

john pydynkowski 

"a good disposition gold cannot 


george |. queenan 
"the free breeze wi 
to life." 

|oanne m. queenan 

"the windy satisfaction of her 


be his road 

william r. raby 

"if laughter were a crime, a mas 
ter criminal would he be." 

robert h. reddy 

"he is a man of his own mind." 

charles e. rehal 

"the mold of man's future is in 
his own hands." 

priscilla e. remon 

"a gay heart makes a gay spirit." 

david p. richard 

"a man so various that he seemed 
to be not one, but all mankind's 

ruth a. richards 

"a glowing heart is the beginning 
of ail happiness." 

lorraine r. rizzo 

"manners are the perfect flowers 
of character." 

thomas richards 

"give the best to life and the 
best will return you manyfold." 

nancy richardson 

"sociable and pleasant, always 

willing to laugh." 

deborah robinson 

"a gentleness about her; a will- 
ingness to make friends." 

paul a. rogalski 

"quietness and confidence are 

Stephen g. robinson 
" robby " 

"a man who lives right has more 
power in his silence than in his 

anne m. romano 

"laugh at your friends, and if 
your friends are sore; so much 
the better, you may laugh the 

mildred t. roberts 

"good disposition and good 

humor are never separated." 

klaus b. saggerer 

"one of the most beautiful quali- 
ties of true friendship is to under- 
stand and to be understood." 

susan m. ronan 

"so carefree, so lively; life is a 

donna m. rosinski 

"the very pink of perfection." 

cynthia a. rouleau 

"a merry heart maketh a cheerful 

janice m. roy 

"how glorious it is to be an ex- 


gerard j. st. amand 

"in the life of a young man, the 
most essential thing for happiness 
is the gift of friendship." 

john st. charles 

"a very quiet fellow he seems at 
first sight, but when you get to 
know him he'll change your mind 

sheryl st. pierre 
" sherry " 

"manner, not gold, 
best adornment." 

woman s 

dana a. salvo 

"life excites him; he acts on his 

rhonda a. sampson 

"happiness is like a crystal-fair, 
exquisite, and clear." 

m. santos 


"the only way 
is to be one." 

to have a friend 


carol a. saunders 

"she who can endure all can dare 


kenneth a. sawicki 

"a fellow worth knowing, a 
friend worth having." 

patricia I. sawyer 

"a personality as fiery as her 

james h. scanlan 

"a man outstandingly, capable in 
his endeavors." 

patrick f. scanlan 

"a golfer, a friend, and a gentle- 

sarah e. schooley 

"full beautiful, a fairy's child." 

carl scialdone 

"burly and strong— a true man." 

kathleen schrader 

"a talkative person attracts 

linda m. scialdone 

"her ways are the ways of pleas- 
antness; and all her paths are 

anthony scialdone 

"to those who know you not, no 
words can paint." 

mary b. scullin 

"a sweet attractive kind of 


raymond senechal 

// // 

"life has no pleasure nobler than 
that of friendship." 

donna m. shanahan 

"the mildest manners and the 

gayest heart." 

james w. shea 

"endured with a warm and cap- 
tivating personality." 

gary s. shepard 

"the most replenishing thing in 
life is sincerity." 

dorothy c. sicotte 

"manners— the final and perfect 
flower of noble character." 

charles a. silva 

"all that the humble look for in 
life is -to have lived that life 


phyllis I. spak 

"a jolly nature . . . exceedingly 

Steven g. stamatopulos 

"his ways are followed by few, 
but looked upon by many." 

james stanchfield 

"leader of men, follower of 

kathleen j. stevens 

"thought is deeper than all 
speech; feeling is deeper than 
all thought." 

bruce a. stewart 

"a will to do, and a soul to dare." 

janet m. sultzbach 

"the quiet softness of a lady." 

james p. sullivan 

"always with a sunny smile— de^- 
pendent, intelligent, and versa- 

timothy swindell 

"let me be the torch that springs 
to light and lives its life in one 
exultant flame." 

richard szabunka daniel szczesny 

"richie" "danny" 

"so down to earth, that fame can- "mischief, oh what a client here." 
not harm him." 

michael tassinari 

"silent waters run the deepest." 

claire m. thibodeau 

"a merry heart goes all the day 

diane m. tahaney 

"a light heart will shine with her 


diane m. thomas 

"good nature is one of the richest 
fruits of personality." 

carl a. thompson 

"quiet in his ways, but a pleasure 

to know." 

kathleen a. tivnan 

"she is a 

form of life and light, 
eyes and manner 

william j. toomey 

"an invincible determination can 
accomplish anything." 

ann m. trembly 
" bunn/e " 

"she goes her own way, content 
that she is part of the morninq 

nancy I. turner 
"little nanc" 

"how fitting for intelligence and 
leadership to be crowned by a 
radiant smile." 

patricia a. tyrrell 

"a pleasing way, a sunny smile, 
full of pep and fun to match her 
ceaseless drive." 






kevin I. valliere 

"his cheerfulness, the character of 
common hope, is like glimpses of 
sunshine on a cloudy day." 

patricia veneski 
" tricia " 

"beautiful eyes are those that 
show; beautiful thoughts that 
burn below." 

cathleyne vassy 

"those who know her are proud 
to call her their friend." 

norman violette 

"quiet, but missed if not present." 

bonnie a. walsh 

a sunny nature and a beaming 

john j. vistorino 

"nothing great was ever achieved 
without enthusiasm." 

cynthia I. waldron 

"as merry as the day is long 

evelyn j. warren 

"glimmering eyes 

randal wentworth 

"a man who does not lose his 
reason over certain things has 
nothing to lose." 

david j. welch 

"such a man of contentment 
makes his own good times." 



donna a. westphal 

"a little girl with a lot to say." 

patricia woodman 

"cheerfulness is the sunny ray of 

kristine wilson 
" kris " 

"after silence, that which comes 
nearest to expressing the inex- 
pressible is music." 

deborah d. wong 
" debbie " 

"ambition and dedication com- 
bine with her sparkling personal- 
ity to form a joyous bundle." 

janice I. workman sandra r. yocum 

"independent as the sun, as it "sandy" 

glows alone." "gentle in manner and action." 

patricia zalewski 
"z alewski" 

"have faith and a score of hearts 
will show their faith in your word 
and deed." 

richard zegarowski 

"he is a good friend and every 
inch a gentleman." 

dennis h. zielski 

"i will drink life to the lees." 



< ; 

ellen comora 

"a silent tongue and a true heart 
are the most admirable things 
on earth." 

thomas w. connolly 

"fine merit is like a river, the 
deeper it is, the less noise it 

roger denis 

"distinguished for his pleasant 
disposition among his friends 
and his general warmth toward 

michael j. donovan 

"for a dreamer lives forever and 

a toiler dies in a day." 


edmond t. morin 

"nothing is impossible to a 
ing and able heart." 

timothy o'keefe 

"speech is a mirror of the 

as a man speaks, so is he." 

harold d. frautten 

"he's calm and reserved; that's 
as far as he goes; he seems to 
be quiet; yet, one never knows." 

alice h. jerzyk 

"she is sure to be remembered 
by all for her good-nature and 

william c. leblanc 

"worth makes the man." 

jean-paul levesque 

"a smile with an intent to do 


wayne g. lord 

"a good disposition gold cannot 

david a. marshall 

"a strong, swift, agile hoopster 
is always bound to reach his 

robert m. marshall 

"to know him well is to like him 

peggy a. mealey 

"there is likewise a reward for 

faithful silence." 


ames p. petropoulos 
'/7 m" 

'quietness is the key to security." 

anice m. pretanik 
’she walks in beauty." 

emanuel c. reale 

"a very great part of mischief 
which vexes the world arises 
from his words." 

david h. st. gelais 

"he who marches out of step may 
hear a different drummer." 

john a. swift 

"i never heard the word 'escape' 
without a quicker blood a sudden 
expectation a flying attitude." 

daniel swindell 

"he mixes reason with pleasure 
and wisdom with mirth." 

carol st. laurent 

"modest, the color of virtue, and 
always quiet and sweet." 

charles w. swift 

"like, —but oh how different." 

Stanley t. szczuka 
"i have not loved the world, nor 
the world me; i have not flatter'd 
its rank breath, nor bow'd to its 
idolatries a patient knee." 

peter j. szetela 

"an alert and independent soul." 

"Not in vain the distance beacons. Forward, forward let 
us range, 

Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves 
of change " 



paul r. griffin 

"the world is a place to work, 
laugh, and enjoy." 

thomas j. gagnon 
"space ghost" 

"success begins with a fellow's 

ernest green 

"he is great enough that he is 
his own master." 

david d. kulas 

paul leblanc andrew marchand "dave" 

"meet trials with smiles and they "no sooner said than done; so "a quiet temperament, and in his 

will vanish." acts your man of worth." look quiet content." 

paul morin peter nekoroski 

"mozie" "nick" 

"my better days are over, my "his humor is like a sunny day 
best have just begun." with a playful wind." 

robert pappas 

"the rule of my life is to make 
business a pleasure and pleasure 
my business." 

nicholas p. st. amand 

"the whole countenance is a cer- 
tain silent language of the mind." 

michael j. thibault 

"laugh at obstacles and inevitably 

attain one's goal." 

elliott salkins 

"laugh and the world laughs with 

bruce w. shaw 

"a sincere and fun-loving heart 
befriends all." 

kenneth e. thompson edward m. zaikowski 

"ken" "zark" 

"he lives to build, not to boast; "the surest way not to fail is to 
a good provider of fun." be determined to succeed." 

richard d. bouffard edward connors 

"dick" "he said little, but to the pur- 

"a will to do and a soul to dare." pose." 

dennis cloudman albert oullette 

"everyone is the architect of his "stretch" 

own future." "his humor knows no bounds." 


"Times go by turns, and chances change by course. 
From foul to fair, from better hap to worse . . . 

No joy so great but runneth to an end, 

No hap so hard but may in fine amend." 

Robert Southwell 







Lynn English 








Lynn Classical 


























The Salem 

High Football Team was 


runner-up in 


Class A Ratings in 


1969 season. 



|r 'SW 



pf-— - 

| ’.-C 

% W; 

First Row: J. Kelleher, S. Hoar*, D. Richard*, P. Burke*, W. Horan*, J. Elliot*, J. Lee*, E. Devereaux*, R. Christy*, R. Collins*, R. 
Bergeron*, M. Emmett. Second Row: J. Corning, J. Lord*, J. Jermyn*, R. Ouellette, J. Sullivan, R. Deforrest, G. Mizioc;h*, J. Flowers*, 
W. Raby*, J. Canty, E. Juralewicz, D. Levasseur*, T. O'Brien*, M. Denard. Third Row: Head Coach J. Farland, Asst. Coach Lou 
Tomasello, S. Korumpus, G. Marfongelli, R. Cronin, M. Fleming, T. St. Pierre, W. Lach, F. Smith* (co-capt.), T. Dubiel* (co-c apt.), A. 
Ingemi*, R. Czapla, D. Rosinski, F. Cappuccio, G. Dion, S. Lefthes, Asst. Coach A. Hyde. Fourth Row: D. Jalbert* (asst, trainer), 
A. Ahearn*, R. LeBlanc, J. Femino, J. Hyland, W. Andrews*, B. Sweeney, R. Dixon*, G. Konopka, W. Ronan, W. Leahy, B. O'Leary, 
T. Toomey, J. Polansky, P. Strout, K. St. Pierre (manager) . 













Lynn English 












Lynn Classical 
















Lynn English 












Lynn Classical 


















Catholic Memorial 






The Salem High Baseball Team this year 
made it to the state tournament for the 
first time in thirty years. 

Kneeling: S. lefthes, P. Burke, A. Ahearn, K. Sawicki, M. Dendro, W. Leahy, R. Christy. Standing: M. Soper, S. Hoar, M. Emmitt, F. 
Smith ( co-cept.) , D. Richards, D. Rosinski, G. Marfongelli, T. Dubiel (co-capt.). Coach M. Ward. 



















Lynn Classica 


Lynn English 












Lynn Classical 


Lynn English 













Sitting: M. Kantorosinski, K. Thompson, E. Swift, P. Wong, M. Henderson, T. Gorczyca, S. Febonio, T. Lubas, J. Kelleher. Standing: 
J. Elliott, W. Toomey, R. Dickson, R. Haley, J. Jodoin, M. Flemming, T. Manning, J. Sullivan, E. Devereaux, B. Beaulieu, J. Lee, A. 
Roskowski, R. Beaulieu, A. Ingemi. Absent from picture: Coach Brennan. 


Row I: L. Francis, J. Lord, D. Zielski (c apt.), M. Soucy, D. Winter, Coach R. L. Pesce. 
Row 2: J. Collins, M. Garland, D. Soper, P. Scott, L. Ash, R. LeBlanc. Absent from 
picture: M. Berube, L. Cormier, W. Cyr, D. McLean, R. Pappas, R. Petit, R. St. Pierre, 
R. Tierney, D. Temblay. 

Team assistants: R. Sorrenson, D. Plummer. 
Team managers: R. Bergeron, C. McNair. 




Lynn English 








Bishop Fenwick 








Bishop Fenwick 
















Lynn English 







tAr. Viselli, P. Fenton, S. Bloom, R\ Wilson, T. Gwin, B. Eisenman, G. Aronson, P. Pellegrini. Absent from picture: A. Nadeau, F. 
LeBlanc, S. Korumpas. 

1 12 


A. Jaynes, R. Zegarowski, K. Carr, B. O'Dowd, T. Dion, P. Scanlan (co-capt.), J. Scanlan (co-capt.), T. Fenton, T. Clifford, B. Horan, 
D. Tierney, J. McNiff, Coach J. Farland. 




St. Mary's 




Lynn Classical 








Bishop Fenwick 
















Bishop Fenwick 












Lynn Classical 




St. Mary's 




Lynn English 




Lynn English 


The SHS golf team tied for second place in the Northern Conference. 





First Row: M. MacDougall, R. Wilson, L. Richardson, P. Sewards. Second Row: M. Pitman, K. Swecker, K. O'Leary, P. South, D. 
J. Lavoie. 



First Row: J. Michaud, L. Richardson, B. Raymond, S. Finrviss, B. Rynkowski, D. Terrell, P. Seward, D. Raymond. Second Row: J. Baty, 
E. Sullivan, D. Veinotte, R. Devaney, J. Marcotte, H. Panzner, D. Gravel, H. Dickson, K. O'Leary, K. Walsh, L. Doane, J. Andruskiewicz, 
J. Ambrefe. 




Sitting: N. Debski, J. Prisbey, J. Ambrefe, B. Raymond, B. Rynkowski, S. Finniss, M. L'Heureux, R. Sarceno, P. Sewards, J. Baty. Stand- 
ing: J. Michaud, K. Deisley, R. Wilson, K. Walsh, A. Kocinski, D. Mielcarz, D. Gravel, C. Grabowski, L. Richardson. 


senior class officers 

Deborah Wong (secretary) 

James Scanlan (vice-president) 
William Toomey (president ) 

Linda Chouinard (treasurer) 

junior class officers 
class of 1 970 

Janet Cook (secretary) 

Janet Briggs (vice-president) 

Linda Chouinard (treasurer) 

Jon Armstrong (president ) (absent) 

junior class officers 
class of 1971 

Susan Laberis (secretary ) 
Donna Gravel ( treasurer ) 
Robert Sweeney (president) 
Dave Rosinski (vice-president ) 



First Row: B. Keyes, T. Santos, J. LeFrancois, 
B. Norbaka, T. Kent, P. Harkins, P. Carpenter, 
E. Morin. Standing: H. Frautten, D. Gibney. 

Miss Coleman headed the D.E. 
Club in learning business prin- 
ciples and good salesmanship. 
Their fund raising activities al- 
lowed them to apply their 



James Stanchfield (president ) 
Connie Macheras (vice-president) 
Richard Szabunka (treasurer) 

student council 


Diane Buonfiglio ( corresponding secretary) 
Patricia Emmert (recording secretary) 

The Student Council is composed of 
two delegates from each homeroom. 
These students work with the admin- 
istration and faculty to improve rela- 
tions between teachers and students 
and to aid in forming the rules of 
Salem High. 

student council 



First Row: D. Coughlin, P. Emmert, J. Stanchfield, C. Macheras, R. Szabunka, D. Buonfiglio, M. Curtis, G. Picone. 
Second Row: J. Sultzbach, C. Vallis, G. Lupo, D. Ayott, D. Wong, J. Cappuccio, J. Briggs, A. O'connor, D. Dumas, 
D. Salvo. Third Row: A. Usovicz, J. Michaud, M. Doran, L. Jendraszek, K. Dorrer, D. Kaplan, P. LeBlanc, R. Shirley, 
S. St. Pierre, A. Riley, S. Michaud, D. Welch. Fourth Row: R. Czapla, M. Munroe, J. Cornachio, C. Rehal, B. 
Ouellette, P. Burke, A. Ingemi, B. Maurice. 


The Senior Executive Board was formed 
by our class to aid the class officers in their 
job of planning class activities. One boy and 
one girl are elected from each homeroom 
to serve on the board. 

student judiciary 

First Row: D. Blair. D. DeCotis, A. Usovicz, B. Sobocinski. 
Second Row: A. Pszenny, R. Dee. Third Row: M. Morrison, R. 
Derby, C. Macheras. Fourth Row: E. Chagnon, T. Gorczyca, W. 
Toomey, M. Henderson. 

The Student Judiciary Board was formed 
this year to allow students to have a voice 
in the rules and the disciplinary matters of 
Salem High School. 




First Row: L. Belfiore, K. Flynn, J. Scanlan, Wo Toomey, D. Wong, L. Chouinerd, M. Aubert. Second Row: P. 

LeBlanc, M. Soo Hoo, C. Dowdell, K. Murphy, K. Nadeau, C. Gorcyzca, K. Wilson, J. Roy. Third Row: J. 
Kobuzewski, D. Salvo, K. Putnam, J. Kefalis, D. Decotis, K. Tivnan, N. Fraser, E. Kushmeruk, D. Welch. Fourth 
Row: L. Gray, B. Ouelette, J. Stanchfield, L. Burnett, R. Szabunka, T. O'Brien, D. Corriveau, J. Lee, P. Dube. 


office messenger 

First Row: D. Dube, B. Kowalski, A. Griffin. 
Second Row: D. Bellew, S. Daly, G. Mehan, C. 
Thibodeau, P. Herlihy, D. Venoit, S. Audette. 
Third Row: K. McDuff, M. D'lorio, M. Pole- 
menako, C. Macheras, K. Dorrer. 

The Office Messengers aid the 
administrators and secretaries in 
their work by delivering mes- 
sages, filing papers and answer- 
ing telephones. 

guidance messenger corps 

The guidance coun- 
selors are aided in de- 
livering messages, fil- 
ing papers, and mak- 
ing appointment slips 
by students who vol- 
unteer their services 
during study halls. 

First Row: G. Czerchawski, A. O'Connor, S. St. Pierre, P. Sinclair. Second Row: P. Bochynski, P. Day, C. 
O'Leary, R. Pelletier, C. Obremski. Third Row: J. Callahan, K. Tivnan, C. Thibodeau, S. Welch, M. Blais, D. 
Wong, K. Nadeau, M. Banville. 




Mrs. Pozner is 
lelped in the li- 
brary by the stu- 
dents who deliver 
nessages, check 
)ut books and 
<eep order in 
he library during 

corridor patrol 

Seated: G. Pesarek, C. O'Neil, K. Guillen. 
Standing: B. Caron, D. Marshall, D. Famico, 
K. Dunn, C. Sinclair, C. Rehal. 

First Row: P. Brillant, P. Reman, E. Chagnon, R. Pelletier, L. LaChapelle, D. Nalesnik. Second Row: M. Dean, P. 
O'Doud, C. Waldron, S. Dallaire, J. Kelly, D. Garfield, C. Divirgilio, J. Marchand, C. Macheras. Third Row: A. 
Polansky, D. Beaulieu, J. Manning, R. Shirley, K. Kaplan, J. Chalupowski, C. Perkins. 

It is the job of the senior 
boys on the safety patrol to 
keep a steady flow of traffic 
in our crowded corridors dur- 
ing the changing of classes. 

war gomes 

Seated: K. Saggerer, J. Sullivan, M. Soo 
Hoo. Second Row: J. Cronin, J. Briggs, 
J. Frederiksen, A. Krajeski. Third Row: 
G. St. Amand, J. Smith, J. Kelly, P. 
Zalewski, D. Fornari, D. Olszewski. 

The War Games Club is 
organized to allow students 
to compete in games such 
as chess, checkers, cards, 
and other table games. 


The United Stu- 
dents for Involve- 
ment, a newly 
formed organiza- 
tion, is a group of 
students who wish 
other students to 
become actively 
involved in the 
world around 
them. The organi- 
zation succeeded 
in obtaining per- 
mission for an 
open forum with 
members of the 
"Venceremos Bri- 

First Row: K. Murphy, J. Roy. Second Row: P. Zalewski, D. Nadeau, A. Krajeski, T. Szczuka, J. Briggs, D. 
Marquis. Third Row: E. Pel litier, P. Morse, D. Olszewski, P. Dube, D. Fornari, P. Stycko, Mr. Dooley. Fourth 
Row: Unidentified, B. Riley, S. Schooley, J. Swift, P. Lecouras, J. Smith, J. Burns. Fifth Row: E. Narey, unidenti- 
fied, T. Murphy, P. Banville, D. St. Gelais, M. Donovan, S. Ozereko. 





The Future 
Nurses Club is 
made up of girls 
who plan to be- 
come nurses after 
high school. The 
school nurse, Mrs. 
Bennett, aids the 
girls in projects re- 
lated to their future 

debate club 

'! Seated: M. Brown, W. Blanchard, A. Jaynes, 
I; K. Whitney. Standing: F. LeBlanc, P. Pelle- 
grini, J. Morris, R. Lyness. 

The debate club is organized 
to allow students to practice 
their talents of public speak- 
j ing and debating. The club 
participated in the debates of 
the local league. 

First Row: C. Augusta, D. Guy, S. Hever, J. Sultzbach, R. Holloran, Nurse, Mrs. Bennett. Second Row: R. Abra- 
ham, K. Nadeau, J. Kelly, J. Cronin, P. LaForme, C. Dunleavy, S. Colemarv. Third Row: S. Jurelowicz, J. 
Jaillet, C. Corning, C. Quinn, V. Maria, C. Knight. 



Under the guidance 
of Mr. Paul Girard, the 
members of the science 
club carry on various 
experiments and stud- 
ies related to their pre- 
ferred type of science. 


III — — - 


hni | 


Seated: M. Brown, W. Blanchard, K. Whitney. Standing: M. Henderson, P. Pellegrini, G. Baliotis. 

First Row: S. Ozereko, J. Smith. Second Row: P. Dube, J. Burns, D. St. Gelais, Mr. Dooley. 
Third Row: A. Pasquerella, E. Narey, M. Donovan. 



The photography 
club, supervised by 
Mr. Dooley, studies the 
concepts of photogra- 
phy. The members en- 
ter their best photo- 
graphs in local show- 


l r 1 1 


m ^ 

r < ■ 



Under the supervision 
of Miss C. Miaskiewicz, 
the French Club, which 
is open to all French stu- 
dents, carries out its meet- 
ings in French and en- 
joys the activities of sing- 
ing, sampling French cui- 
sine, putting on plays, 
and watching movies. 

First Row: A. Usovicz, C. Thibodeau, J. Chalupowski, K. Bellew. Second Row: J. Richard, I. 
Horeczy, K. Gold, P. South, M. Curtis, M. Morrison, P. MacDonald, M. MacDougall. Third Row: P. 
LeBlanc, J. Nabozny, D. Blair, D. Bois, J. Derocher, H. LeFleur, D. Kaplan. 



The math club, with 
the guidance of Mr. J. 
Pszenny, practiced math- 
ematics and learned 
more about the field of 
mathematics. They par- 
ticipated in many math 
meets held in the area. 

First Row: R. Pelletier, J. Kobuszewski, M. Soo Hoo, A. Pszenny, R. Lyness. Second Row: M. Brown, 
S. Phelps, P. Morneau, K. Saggerer, K. Whitney, E. Chagnon, G. St. Amand, R. Cassidy. 





The Football pep 
club spent many of ( 
their Saturdays this || 
fall cheering our foot- !' 
ball team on to vie- ' 
tory. Their excellent I 
job is obvious in our I 
football record. 

First Row: R. Noone, B. Raymond, K. Walsh, P. Sinclair, S. St. Pierre, J. Mattson, D. McKeen, C. Thibodeau, 
S. Saindon. Second Row: J. Callahan, D. Coughlin, D. O'Leary, R. Cassidy, S. Yocum. Third Row: G. Lupo, D. 
Moore, P. Remon, J. Cronin, J. Ambrefe. Fourth Row: L. Blais. Fifth Row: K. Brennan, S. Suldinski, A. O'Con- 
nor. Sixth Row: P. St. Pierre, D. Gravel, N. Debski, A. Usovicz, D. Bois, D. Blair, D. Kaplan, L. Richardson, M. 
Kallas, C. Hoar. 

hockey pep 

First Row: N. Fraser, J. Cook, P. Gauthier, K. Flynn. 
Second Row: P. Cunney, K. Bellew, D. Wong, C. Dow- 
dell, S. Saindon, L. Bresnahan, L. Chouinard, K. Mar- 
engi, J. Levasseur, L. Belfiore. Third Row: P. Sinclair, 
C. Thibodeau, K. Tivnan, A. O'Connor, K. Murphy, B. 
Fladger, K. Putnam, A. Romano. 

The Hockey Pep Club was always 
there cheering our boys on through- 
out the season. 


witches brew 

Seated: D. Marquis, W. Blanchard, M. Soo Hoo, 
D. St. Gelais, P. Dube. Standing: D. MacDonald, 
J. DeLuca, D. Henderson, M. Brown, K. Whitney, 
S. Ozereko, Mr. Dooley, J. Smith, P. Morse. 

The Witch's Brew is Salem High 
School's newspaper which carries 
school news and gossip. 



The Advance, Salem 
High's Literary maga- 
zine, serves as a mag- 
azine to display the 
students creativity in 
literature, art, and 
photography. Under 
the guidance of Mr. 
Dooley, the Advance 
Staff put out an excel- 
lent Spring issue this 

Seated: D. Marquis, W. Blanchard, M. Soo Hoo, D. St. Gelais, P. Dube. Standing: D. MacDonald, J. Deluca, 
D. Henderson, M. Brown, K. Whitney, S. Ozereko, Mr. Dooley, J. Smith, P. Morse. 


concert choir 

The concert choir 
has contributed greatly 
to Salem High's assem- 
blies with its varied 
choral selections. 

With Miss Anita 
Larsen, the concert 
choir practices daily to 
perfect its selections. 

First Row: B. Rynkowski, B. Raymond, P. LaForme, D. Garfield, C. Knight, J. Landry, L. Genard, D. Gravel, D. 
Milliken, C. DiVirgilio. Second Row: M. Dorren, M. Scullin, unidentified, unidentified, P. Brillant, J. Jail let, 
P. Woodman, J. Marchand, P. Drakakos, C. King, L. Richardson. Third Row: S. Welch, P. St. Pierre, J. Callahan, 
D. Coughlin, J. Michaud, K. Deisley, P. Sewards, D. Nalesnik, A. Vorgeas, L. LeBlanc. Fourth Row: J. Dunn, 
T. Gorczyca, M. LeBeau, K. Guillen, P. Dube, D. Marquis, F. Simpson, J. Sokol, B. Genest. 


A much improved band, under the leadership of Mr. Richard lanitelli, 
marched during half-time at each football game during the season. They 
ended a good year by participating in a spring concert at Beverly High 


jazz band 

The jazz band put on an 
excellent performance during 
a June assembly. They have 
a large and varied selection of 


Under the guidance of 
Mr. Alan F. Hawryluk the 
Salem High Orchestra has 
played at numerous as- 
semblies and concerts. 



"The world goes up and the world goes 

And the sunshine follows the rain, 

And yesterday's sneer and yesterday's 

Can never come again." 

Charles Kingsley 


* , 





The theme of our Junior Prom, which 
was held at the Country Squire in Middle- 
ton, was "It was a very good year." Our 
Junior Year was a very good year and our 
prom night was a very good night. The 
girls were lovely, the music was excellent, 
and the air was full of excited voices and 
laughter. Martin Kozik sang "On a Clear 
Day" and John Lord sang "Rocky Raccoon." 
It was unforgettable. 

Our Queen Rhonda Sampson 

The Court: Paula Gauthier, Kathleen Hayes, Paula Attridge, Nancy Gallo, The Queen— Rhonda Sampson, Patricia Emmert, Janice Roy, 
Karen Marengi, Deborah Wong. 

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color day 

On a school day in November, just before 
the big Thanksgiving Day game with Beverly, 
our class united in a supreme effort to have 
the biggest and best rally that would send our 
boys to victory. Days of careful preparation and 
tons of enthusiasm led our class, the class of 
'70, to win the coveted color day trophy. 

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The football dance was, without a doubt, 
the lovliest way to end our fantastic football 
season. Donna Rosinski was chosen as our 
attractive football queen, with the other cheer- 
leaders comprising the court. 

The Queen— Donna Rosinski 

The Court: D. Courtney, S. Laberis, A. Kocinski, The Queen— D. Rosinski, J. Miezwa, P. Sweetnam. Standing: AA. AAorrison, N. Turner, P. 
Emmert, AA. Aubert. 




The cold weather couldn't prevent the Senior Class 
from enjoying their Splash Party held at the Salem 
Y.M.C.A. Many of the facilities of the Y.M.C.A. were 
opened up to the students, enabling them to swim 
in the pool, dance to the music of a live band, and 
play billiards, ping pong, and basketball. 

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The Class of '70, together with the Class of '71, 
held their Winter semi-formal in the high school 
gymnasium. Everyone had an extremely enjoyable 
evening. They talked, danced to the music of an 
excellent band, and were happy just being to- 

The Court: L. Quirk, P. Tyrrell, D. DeCotis, The Queen— P. Emmert, P. 
Cunney, G. Lupo, A. Blouin. 

Our Queen and her escort — Pattie Em- 
mert and Richie Szabunka 




The Salem faculty versus Peabody 
faculty basketball game was both a 
hilarious and exciting event. 

Mr. Ward scored the final points 
during the last few seconds of the game 
giving Salem the victory over Peabody. 
(A victory we were sure we'd get 

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First Row: L. Rizzo, P. Szpak, M. D'lorio, N. Turner, P. Woodman, G. Czerchawski, L. McArtney, D. Martel, M. Morrison, D. DeCotis, L. 
Blais, P. Emmert, P. LeBlanc, P. LaForme, C. Thibodeau, M. Aubert, D. Buonfiglio, K. Bellew, S. Michaud, L. Rizzo. 

During April vacation, the seniors under the watchful eye of Mr. McKinnon and Mr. Cap- 
puccio spent an enjoyable week in the nation's capital. Those vacationers will never forget 
the foggy night they spent on the Potomac River aboard a grounded touring boat. 

1 52 

Washington trip 

Second Row: B. Bovio, L. Cushman, D. Guy, P. Tyrrell, R. Derby, K. Tivnan, C. Nelson, J. Kobuszewski, J. Sullivan, J. Lee, Mrs. W 
McKinnon, Mr. W. McKinnon, Mr. Cappuccio, L. Burnett, J. Jenkinson, C. Rouleau, R. Sampson, D. Guy, J. Cappucio, unidentified, D. Patch 
J. Nabozny. 

judo exhibition 

On May 4, in our school gymnasium, Tommy Eng and his brother Stanley 
put on a thrilling judo exhibition for the students and faculty of Salem High. 

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This year the European 
Travel Club chose Rome as 
their destination. During 
April Vacation, they spent 
an exciting week touring the 
area which included a visit 
to the Vatican and a view 
of the Pope. The travelers 
had such an excellent time 
that they all wanted to re- 

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5 tfT 




To the faculty and the Senior Class, 
it looked as though the Revue would 
never get off the ground. We lost a 
director and much student support. 
Finally through the efforts of a dedi- 
cated group of seniors, the Revue was 
saved. It was a variety show directed 
by a member of the '69 Senior Class 
—Jane Jaworski. The Unsinkable Revue 
was a success! We are deeply thankful 
to Jane for all the help she gave us. 

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'•■h ' — » ^n^MWk 








J. Andrews, N. Fraser 

Most Popular 

D. Wong, J. Armstrong 

Most Artistic 

J. Levasseur, (P. Fenton) 

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Most Versatile 

D. DeCotis, (D. Salvo) 

M. Morrison, W. Andrews 

Best Looking 

D. Buonfiglio, R. Collins 

Most Flirtatious 

P. Gauthier, J. Arthur 

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Most Individualistic 

Best Dressed 

D. St. Gelais, J. Briggs 


J. Elliott, C. Bouchard 

Most Musical 

R. Caron, N. Turner 

J. Johnson, (Bruce Ouellette) 

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Best Built 

J. Cook, P. Kastanopolous 

Most Likely to Succeed 

E. Chagnon, J. Stanchfield 

Best Personality 

T. Dubiel, K. Hennessey 

Most Sincere 

K. Nadeau, W. Toomey 

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Best Mannered 


G. Bergevin, K. Bellew 

Most Athletic 

D. Martel, J. Sullivan 

Best Dancer 

J. Derocher, D. Marshall 

L. Chouinard, (S. Hoar) 

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Most Talkative 

R. Bergeron, M. D'lorio 

Most Mechanically Inclined 

S. Michaud, P. Morin 

Most Spirited 

A. O'Connor, F. Smith 

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These past four years have been hectic for me. I could feel it 
all from the very first day the class of '70 walked up my front 
stairs. There they stood— 400 invaders; the boys all decked out 
in their polka dot shirts with paisley ties, the pants they had to 
pour themselves into that morning, their Beatle boots, and to top 
it all off, their white socks— and the girls with their poorboy 
sweaters, their fishnet stockings, and bangs so long I couldn't 
get a glimpse of their eyes. That was the beginning of the end . . . 

They approached my front stairs, opened the door and then 
they entered. It was all down hill from there. They were the 
noisiest bunch . . . always getting lost in my long dark corridors, 
and dumb! How many times did I catch kids attempting to fol- 
low directions to my elevator and swimming pool or to find 
girls lost in the forbidden halls of the Voc. 

Miss Leonard, the poor lady, attempted to make young ladies 
and gentlemen of these creatures. Their first social function, the 
Freshman Frolic, held in the gym, was a sight to behold. All 
the boys were huddled together on one side while the girls 
stomped relentlessly on my floor in crude antics they called the 
"Kick," the "81," and the "Freddy." How I rejoiced that June; 
that was one three month vacation I earned. 

And then the cycle began again— now the darlings were 
sophomores. Big guys, they thought; they were upperclassmen 
now. It was off to the Bilge every weekend night to be suffo- 
cated in those cramped quarters by all the smoke and deafened 
by the blare of the Monks' music. They really gave me a going 
over that year when they flooded my floors with the fire hoses; 
my electricity was inoperable, my ceilings collapsed— but the 
little Indians got their reward for it all— three days off from 

I'll remember that year, though, for another reason. It marked 
the end of a new era at Salem High— Mr. Robinson had left. 


September of '69 came fast and started off another grueling 
year for me. Those students??? tried everything that year to put. 
me out of commission; they lit off cherry bombs in my corridors, 
set up makeshift bombs in my lockers, there were numerous 
fire drills and bomb scares— how I ever survived that year I'll 
never know. 

Then it came— my most dreaded day of each school year— 
COLOR DAY. They were juniors now, and the only contenders, 
along with the seniors, for the Color Day trophy. When the 
assembly bell rang, close to 800 of them came swarming into 
my hall— all yelling and screaming. Our class cheered, and then 
the other, not to be shown up, would try to cheer louder. This 
went on and on until Coach Konovalchik got up and literally 
attacked the poor microphone with his tales of slaughter and 
annihilation. They carried their spirits outside after the rally, onto 
the streets of Salem and Beverly. I can only guess at how much 
traffic was held up by their Chinese fire drills, or how many 
people were shaken from their sound sleep by the blare of their 

As the year progressed, I noticed something different in those 
kids— the first signs of maturity. And, oh. Heaven help the world 
into which they grow up. They were off to more sophisticated 
pranks now. One boy even attempted to drive his Volkswagen 
the length of my ground floor. This was the year of their first 
formal dance, the Junior Prom (more approximately called the 
Junior Zoo). They were in their glory that night. Thank God it 
was the "Country Squire," and not I that had to go through that 
ordeal. The night quickly got rolling with John Lork and Marty 
Kozik singing "Rocky Raccoon" and "On a Clear Day." They 
Greek danced, bunny hopped and hully-gullied their way through 
the night, and even the wee hours of the morning couldn't 
dampen their spirits. Off they went, the next morning to Win- 
garsheek Beach for a beach party. 

With Spring in the air and rocks in their heads, the members 
of the class of '70 made plans for Junior Skip Day. That's one 
day I'll always remember— I was rid of over one hundred of 
them. They were off for another beach party, but what made 
this one so special was that Mr. Brennan, Mr. Curtin, and Miss 
Tully went along for the fun too. 

Their Junior year drew to a close and I found myself with 
one short summer to prepare for their Grand Finale— Senior Year. 

Senior Year for the class of '70 brought many "firsts" to Salem 
High— some much overdue, others could well have been left out. 

A communication system was installed throughout me that 
year which came to be known as the "Mizzicom." Besides its 
value for relaying messages throughout the school, it was the 
source of much knowledge for both the students and the faculty 
— "Whoo! Whoo!" "Attention please"! ... To their surprise they 
learned that someone had parked a red Ford Ga-LAX-ie in front 
of the school, that there was to be a Winter Co-ti-lon and that 
tickets for it could be purchased in the guidance office, that 
students could stay put and go to their classes, that at 1 1:30 all 
classes on the fourth floor should be in session— repeating— all 
classes on the fourth floor should be in session, and that my 
corridors looked like Grand Central Hotel . . . 

A club was organized that year and called itself United Stu- 
dent Involvement (a more appropriate name would have been 
Students United to Give Mr. Murphy Cardiac Arrest). Student 
dissent had reached Salem and in March of 1970 I witnessed 
my first student strike. The dress code was lifted, along with 
restrictions regarding length of hair and dress, benches were 
installed on the hill, music was played in the cafeteria, there 
were judo exhibitions, seven periods in a school day, girls were 
allowed to wear dungarees, I witnessed my first student strike, 
Miss Donoghue became Mrs. Dooley, and Color Day that year 
—well, that was something else. 

They got started early that day— like about 6:30 A.M. down 

Cold Springs. And then in mass they moved towards me. They 
paraded and honked and yelled and screamed until eight o'clock 
and then it was my turn for the beating. There wasn't an inch 
of my walls bare; "Kill the Panthers" and "Witches Fly Higher" 
was all one could see. And then my whole floor would collapse 
with all the cheering and stamping of feet. But I guess it was 
all worth it— Salem Beat Beverly that year. 

Day after day— the year flew by and before I knew it— Spring 
had arrived. It was traveling season for the seniors to both Rome 
and Washington, D. C. The Washington group even managed to 
make the front page of all the newspapers in town with the 
story of the undescribable night they spent stuck in the middle 
of the Potomac on board a touring ship. 

With graduation time drawing near, the seniors got a little 
rambunctious. Their anxiety exploded in many directions— once 
in milk and corn throwing contests in the cafeteria and once 
again in one of the most sincere and dedicated efforts I have 
ever witnessed in my years of existence— their Unsinkable Senior 
Review. With three weeks left, they put together a fantastic 
show. It's a shame that their administrators and so many of their 
teachers had to miss it, for I don't think they would ever have 
seen any raisins "more wonderful" or so "different" than those 
that performed that night, or a greater group of kids than 
those on stage. 

That Monday was the last day of school for them. Many had 
tears in their eyes as they turned in their books and said good-bye 
to their teachers. And you know, after all this complaining, I 
somehow felt lonely seeing them walk down my corridors for 
the last time and out my doors for good. But after spending my 
last and best four years with them, I would like to leave them 
with one message; 

"United you'll stand, 

Divided you'll fall." 


by James Stanchfield, Pres. Student Council 

Be it remembered that we the class of 1970 at Salem High 
School, Salem Essex County, Massachusetts, individually, singu- 
larly, and each and every one of us alone, as well as a whole 
group of students, athletes, scholars, misfits and others not being 
necessarily of sound or disposing mind, but knowing the un- 
certainty of this life, do make this our last will and testament, 
hereby revoking all and heretofore made by us. 

Mr. Murphy— We leave to Mr. Murphy his good friend and life- 
time comrade Mr. Crean. 

Mr. Curtin— A box of souvenir stickers for the election that 
almost was, but wasn't. 

Mr. Mizzi— A seven week course in announcing at Columbia 
School of Broadcasting. 

Miss Shapiro— An economy size box of tranquilizers. 

Miss Perron— To Miss Perron we leave our sincere gratitude for 
all the time and effort you gave our class this year. 

Jack Farland— After the tremendously successful season this year, 
we can leave Mr. Farland only one thing— the witch that has 
become famous; the witch on the wall. 

Mr. Poole— The class of '70 leaves that bearded Physics teacher 
in 41 1 a lifetime supply of techmatic adjustable razors. 

Mr. Wynn— We leave Mr. Wynn that little hellion of the Algebra 
II class, Dana Salvo. 

Mr. Walsh— A crucifix so that some day some one might nail 
him to it. 

Mr. Alex Pszenny— We leave to Mr. Pszenny the biggest cigar this 
side of Havana. 

Mr. Risoldi — The Class of ‘70 leaves another dictionary to add to 
his already colossal collection. 

Mr. Crean— The Class of '70 leaves Connie a student driver edu- 
cation car for his own personal use, that is unless he has one 


by James Stanchfield 

Arthur Ingemi— We leave to Arthur, that domf of the domfers, 
Emily Post's newest book on etiquette. 

Fester, 6' 2", Rat, Flaky Megaphone, Dad— We leave to these 
fine fellows a big yellow bus to go back and forth from 
Marblehead every Friday and Saturday night. 

Ann Romano— A tire pump to fill those mysterious flat tires. 
John, Danny, and Jay— The Moe Skellar. 

Eddie Kushmere— A dozen cars to blow up or crack up. 

Janet Cook— A padded bra. 

Bill Horan— A sled. 

Karen Marengi— Some gum. 

Homer— A locker room. 

Steve Hoar— A steady date. 

Kathy Tivnan and Jim Lee— A Sunday afternoon at St. Thomas' 

Janet Briggs— An electric shaver. 

Nancy Fraser— A guardian angel to keep her out of trouble. 
Claudia Dowdell— A book called "How To Watch Your Weight." 
Mary Banville— A bottle of "out-of-it" pills. 

Rene Bergeron— A megaphone to make himself heard above 
the crowd. 

Frank Smith— A bottle of curl-free. 

Peter Kastanoupolous— A spot on the Olympic lifting team. 
Bruce Ouellette— A Glen Campbell Album. 

Bob Christy— A bag of Fritos. 

David St. Gelais— A reusable picket sign. 

Wally Archambault— A key to the boys' room. 

The USI— A printing press. 

The Scanlon boys— One day a week at the golf course with 
official permission. 

Tom Fenton— The last word. 

Moe Morrison— A boyfriend that lives within 10 miles. 

Dana Salve— Mr. Wynn's Algebra II Class. 

Judy Cronin— Half her weight in gold so that we may have a 
new school. 

Ellen Chagnon— College Board rating "800". 

Wayne Andrews— A leash so he can take long walks with Cheryl. 
Dave Richards— A medal for best bench warmer of the year. 
Klaus Saggerer— Another Volkswagen. 

Cindy Greenberg— Nothing— As far as we can see she has every- 

Linda M. Pelletier— Well deserved congratulations for her courage 
and hard work on a job well done. The class of '70 wishes 
her bigger and better things to come in her future years. 


"We shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye." 

New Testament: 1 Corinthians 15:51-5 2 



Ellen Chagnon 

the national 
honor society 

The National Honor Society is a 
nation-wide organization comprised 
of students who possess the out- 
standing qualities of scholarship, 
leadership, character and service. 

Patricia Tyrrell 




Nancy Turner 
English orator 



/ . 

■ \ ' 

May Soo Hoo 

First Row: P. Tyrrell, N. Turner, E. Chagnon, M. Soo Hoo, K. Henness-ey. Second Row: K. Bellew, D. Buonfiglio, P. LeBlanc, L. LaCha- 
peHe, S. Phelps, J. Smith, G. McNeil, C. Bouchard. Third Row: R. Pelletier, J. Derocher, J. Johnson, C. Thibodeau, D. Olszewski, S. 
Schooley, J. Briggs, C. Gorczyca. Fourth Row: D. DeCotis, R. Derby, M. Morrison, K. Stevens, D. Milliken, D. Shanahan, N. Devaney. 
Fifth Row: P. Szpak, L. Louf, G. Czerchawski, J. April, K. Finniss, R. Cassidy, A. O'Connor, K. Tivnan, J. Mattson. Sixth Row: J. Frederik- 
sen, J. Elliott, D. Decowski, P. Dube, G. Bergevin, J. Kobuszewski, W. Andrews, J. Stanchfield, R. Berube, R. Devoe, A. Pszenny, 
R. Deschenes. 



Our Senior Banquet, held in the beauti- 
fully decorated gymnasium, was the final 
time we gathered together as a class. Along 
with the laughter and joviality of the eve- 
ning came a solemn moment where the 
class expressed a feeling held by many 
today: “United we stand, Divided we fall." 




1 1 

Our Queen— Patricia Emmert 



The theme of our Senior Reception, 
"Memories/' was a fitting one indeed. We 
will always remember the beautiful eve- 
ning we shared together at the Chateau De 
Ville as one of the highpoints of our four 
years at Salem High. 

The Court: N. Turner, D. Buonfiglio, D. McKeen, M. Morrison, Our Queen— P. Emmerf, D. Dube, R. Derby, R. Sampson, C. Saunders. 

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The long awaited day finally came (after two 
cancellations)— Our Graduation! Remember our 
first day at Salem High as Freshmen? It all seems 
so long ago now. Graduation brought to each of 
us many memories of our past four years at 
Salem High, but with these thoughts also came 
the hopes and dreams of our years to come. It 
is up to each of us now to make something of 




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Congratulations to the Class of 1970. Your diplomas, which to 
some came easily and to others presented a rather prolonged 
struggle, entitle you to seek better and higher stations in life. In 
your quest in this turbulent society you are bound to encounter 
hate, dissent, and even revolution. You can avoid these present 
day pitfalls if you maintain your faith and ask God for direction 
and help. Keep faith with Him and He will keep faith with you. 

Joseph E. Murphy 


mr. domenico mizzi 
vice principal 

Again it is time to congratulate our seniors for 
their achievement and success in completing their 
requirements for high school graduation. 

Because of the prevalent, turbulent social con- 
ditions, it is almost imperative that our graduates 
be able to make the right decisions. Current pro- 
tests, strikes, and wars create many problems that 
affect people. Some withdraw from reality by 
using narcotics and joining communal groups. 
Many young people run away from home. Others 
decide to terminate their education after complet- 
ing high school. On the positive side, there is an 
awareness of the problems caused by pollution and 
overpopulation, a tremendous interest in ecology, 
and a strong, sincere desire for a marked improve- 
ment of social and economic conditions in our 

The challenge for your participation in helping 
to solve current problems is always present. Con- 
frontations involving violence, death and destruc- 
tion are not the solution. Faith and responsibility 
are still worthwhile attributes. 

Best wishes for a happy graduation and a suc- 
cessful career in whatever endeavor you choose 
for your future. 

Domenico Mizzi 

Congratulations to the Class of 1970. 
During your senior year, several words, 
such as ecology, pollution, involvement, 
generation gap and the silent majority, 
have become quite popular. Plan to be 
part of that majority that understands 
the problems of government. Become 
involved if you will, but work within 
the framework of the established laws. 
It is your country. Continue to keep it 
the very best in the world. Good luck 

John M. Conway 

mr. john m. conway 

vocational high school 


Since today's youth has adopted the commend- 
able attitude of each person doing his own 
"thing," it appears that Aristotle's thoughts on 
the subject might be appropriate: "It is by Educa- 
tion I learn to do my choice , what other men do 
by the constraint of fear." 

In completing the first stage of your prepara- 
tion for a full and useful life, you are now on the 
road to accomplishing your thing. It is my hope 
and that of your parents and advisors that you 
will continue your education through every re- 
source at your command, for truly the need for 
further education is no longer a luxury but rather 
a necessity if one hopes to compete successfully 
in a technical age. 

It has been a pleasure to have served you and 
wish you well as you continue to make progress 
in life's path. 

Joseph Salerno 

mr. joseph salerno 
acting superintendent of schools 

Congratulations and best wishes on 
the attainment of your first major goal 
in life. We hope and pray that your 
training in our Salem Schools will en- 
able you to successfully succeed in 
school, service, business or whatever 
your chosen goal. On your part aim 
high; work hard and be diligent and 
steadfast in whatever you do. The world 
around you is changing; so will you. 
Let change come, however, as a result 
of existing procedures, sound logic and 
consideration of the effects. The thou- 
sands of graduates who have preceded 
you have set up lofty goals to surpass— 
Can you do it? I think you can. 

John J. Grady 

mr. john j. grady 
assistant superintendent of schools 

Congratulations to the Class 
of 1970 


mr. philip brown 

For many years society has been 
involved with technological advance- 
ment and the changes have been 
rapid. Your class is entering a world 
concerned with technological 
change, but greatly concerned with 
spending more time, energy and 
effort in solving some of the social 
and personal problems so much in 
evidence today. Each of you has 
something to offer. The true meas- 
ure of your success, and that of 
your parents and your teachers, will 
be the extent to which you are will- 
ing to do your part. 

My best wishes go with you 

Philip J. Brown 

mrs. mary byrne 

mr. paul higgins 

mr. alfred viselli 



The Class of '70 would like to ex- 
press their deepest thanks to Miss 
Leonard for all the time and guidance 
she devoted to making our class a 
success. Therefore, Miss Leonard, we 
extend to you our most sincere grati- 

miss dorothea leonard 





Mr. A. Sidney Galper 

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved friend and teacher. Mr. Gal- 
per taught for many years at the Vocational High School before becoming chairman 
of the Commercial Department at Salem High School. As an active and concerned 
member of his community, Mr. Galper worked extremely hard to promote brother- 
hood and better understanding among the Christians and Jews in the greater Salem 
area. Mr. Galper will always be remembered as a truly fine and respected man. 


mrs. marie auger 

mr. robert bailey 

mrs. sharon barter 

mr. leonard box 

mr. donald brennan 

mrs. marie blair 


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mr. john burns 

mrs. elizabeth cabana 

mr. benjamin campbel 

mr. robert pesce 

miss charlene cole 

mr. anthony carpenito 

mr. israel cohen 

mr. william coombes 

mr. edward cookson 

miss marion coleman 

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mr. james Cunningham mr. edward curtin 

mr. james dooley 

mr. armand devoe mr. charles dolan 

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mr. Cornelius crean 

miss linda cormier 

miss crane 

miss louise desjardins 

miss dorothy doyle 

mr. brendan walsh, mr. thomas risoldi, mr. .martin donovan, mr. donald 
brennan, mr. michael fischer, mr. john ward, mr. donald wilinski. 

mr. robert fittante 

miss maryellen flynn 

mr. john farland 



mrs. maryellen galaris 

mr. william foley 

mr. paul girard 

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miss mantina lefthes 

mr. frederic lewin 

miss linda lindeman 

miss sandra shapiro 

miss sandra lillo 

mr. robert kearney 

mr. robert lyons 

miss ann lundergan 


miss patricia hynes 

mr. richard iannitelli 

w r\i 

mr. edward me cabe 

mr. william me kinnon 

miss diane montgomery 

mrs. judy masse 

miss judy me cormack 

mr. neil moynihan 

mr. peter mycue 

miss elizabeth murphy 

mrs. joan tremblay 

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mr. michael murray 

mr. joseph pszenny and mr. glenn o'brien 

miss Christine perron 

mr. augustus pesce 

miss marie phelan 

mr. frank nolan 

miss suzanne patteson 

mr. alfred pesquale 

mr. william poole 

mrs. phyllis phipps 

mrs. sara posner 

mr. william safchuk 

mr. thomas risoldi 

mr. robert riley 

mr. anthony salvo 

mr. santa maria 

miss elizabeth shea 

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Your Eyesight and SHS Yearbook Staff. 

miss anna sheehan 

miss yolanda spinale 

william stevens 


mr. john ward 

mr. paul vignoli 

miss dorothy fully 

mr. louis thomasello 

mrs. marion sweeney 

mr. donald wilinski and 
mr. thomas feeling 

mr. kevin wynn 

mr. robert wojtysiak 

mr. nicholas xiarhos 

miss anita larson 

mrs. madaline nolan 

mr. edward zarohian 

Camera Shy 

mrs. marie barry 
mr. john fazio 
miss barbara harkins 
mr. alan hyde 
miss Christine miaskiewicz 
miss theresa miaskiewicz 
miss genevieve pinkos 
mr. alexander pszenny 
mrs. evelyn smith 

miss julia yoshida 


vocational high 
school faculty 

mrs. marie crean (secretary) 

mr. chenery 

mr. john jellison 

mr. kolz 

mr. joseph zagrobski 

mr. r. lamasney 


mr. john karahalis and 
mr. richard hennessey, jr. 

mr. me earthy 

mrs. powers 

mrs. wood 

mrs. o'rourke 

mrs. warcholik 

cafeteria staff 

personnel secretaries 

21 1 

mrs. o'rourke 

mrs. welch 

teacher aides 

mrs. difillipo 

asst, librarian 

mrs. morris 

mrs. centorino 


senior directory 

Anthony M. Ahearn 
4 Buffum St. 

Glenn D. Bergevin 
21 Hazel St. 

John S. Andrews 
6 Linden Ave. 

Roger J. Berube 
20 Hancock St. 

Wayne L. Andrews 
35 Briggs St. 

Renee' Black 
22 English St. 

Carole Andruszkiewicz 
14 Bentley St. 

Janet Blais 
20 Silver St. 

Deirdre F. Antos 
7 Island Ave. 

Linda Blais 
78 Palmer St. 

Janet R. April 
395 Jefferson Ave. 

Marianne Blais 
1 79 Boston St. 

John W. Archambault 
79 Bridge St. 

Norman Blanchette 
1 5 Bertuccio Ave. 

Jon Armstrong 
1 8 Bay View Ave. 

Deborah L. Blasczak 
31 Summit St. 

John R. Arthur 
56 Orchard St. 

Debra A. Boggoch 
191/2 Osgood St. 

Marlene M. Aubert 
6 Pickman Rd. 

Joyce A. Boltas 
30 Ward St. 

Robert W. Baker Jr. 
83 Essex St. 

Celeste V. Bouchard 
59 Charles St. 

Mary Banville 
56 Salem St. 

Colette Bouchard 
59 Charles St. 

Bertram R. Beaulieu 
106 Rainbow Ter. 

Richard Boucher 
190 Ocean Ave. 

Laurent J. Bedard 
1 7 Verdon St. 

Roger P. Boucher 
32 Pingree St. 

Linda L. Belfiore 
72 Champlain Rd. 

Barbara Bovio 
1 97 Lafayette St. 

Kathryn H. Bellew 
7 Roosevelt Rd. 

Janet G. Briggs 
34 Albion St. 

Lynda L. Bellows 
173 North St. 

Linda E. Bresnahan 
23 Rainbow Ter. 

Paula M. Bemis 
36 March St. 

Paulet S. Brillant 
20 Lathrop St. 

Rene V. Bergeron 
1 1 Summer St. 

Elaine C. Brown 
8 Saunders St. 

Diane C. Buonfiglio 
18 Cherry Hill Ave. 

Jeffrey L. Clark 
23 Daniels St. 

Paul H. Burke 
36 Beaver St. 

Sally A. Clark 
42 Horton St. 

Susan A. Burke 
2 Berube Rd. 

Timothy F. Clifford 
142 Federal St. 

Laurence Burnett 
17 Nursery St. 

Nancy M. Cobb 
28 Arbella St. 

Catherine Callahan 
7 Monroe St. 

Richard E. Collins 
151 Rainbow Ter. 

Richard J. Callahan 
10 Stearns PI. 

Ellen M. Comora 
8 V 2 Albion St. 

Gary M. Cameron 
63 Ocean Ave. 

James E. Conlin 
6 River St. 

Brian E. Campbell 
129 Columbus Ave. 

Thomas W. Connolly 
9 Warren Ct. 

Priscilla Canney 
1 3 Oak View Ave. 

Patrick W. Connors 
1 Carrollton St. 

Jane C. Cappuccio 
10 Linden St. 

John J. Conway 
25 Winter Island Rd. 

Brian A. Caron 
60 Derby St. 

Janet E. Cook 
9 Victory Rd. 

Roger J. Caron 
5 Palmer St. 

Albert C. Corneau 
414 Essex St. 

Patricia A. Carpenter 
10 Shi llaber St. 

Dana M. Corriveau 
1 5 Chase St. 

Sally M. Carson 
26 Summer Rd. 

Janice M. Cote 
13 Summit Ave. 

Rita P. Cassidy 
49 Rainbow Ter. 

Judith E. Cronin 
34 Calumet St. 

Ellen M. Chagnon 
492 Loring Ave. 

Paula M. Cunney 
52 Highland Ave. 

Joseph A. Chalupowski 
26 Andrew St. 

Mary E. Curtis 
30 Garden Ter. 

Michael R. Chandler 
8 Hersey St. 

Linda G. Cushman 
8 Scotia St. 

Linda E. Chouinard 
1 2 Forrester St. 

Wayne J. Cyr 
37 Winter Island Rd. 

Robert N. Christy 
29 Bradford St. 

Gloria M. Czerchawski 
4 Cherry Hill Ave. 

Joseph C. Davidson Jr. 
50 Balcomb St. 

Thaddeus J. Drabkowski 
49 Essex St. 

Patricia A. Day 
13 Summitt St. 

Donald J. Driscoll 
4 Ropes St. 

Deborah A. DeCotis 
21 Bay View Circle 

Diane J. Dube 
4 Barstow St. 

Donald E. Decowski Jr. 
16 Dearborn St. 

Paul A. Dube 
2 Parallel St. 

Roger Denis 
272 Jefferson Ave. 

Suzanne M. Dube 
18 Francis Rd. 

Ruth C. Derby 
59 Highland St. 

Thomas S. Dubiel 
1 83 North St. 

Jean A. Derocher 
6 Station Rd. 

Diane M. Dumas 
10 Union St. 

Raney J. Deschenes 
40 Cedar St. 

Lorraine C. Dumas 
96 Congress St. 

Gail Deamond 
52 Ward St. 

Daniel D. Dumond 
48 Raymond Rd. 

Nancy J. Devaney 
69 Boston St. 

John H. Dunn 
21 Manning St. 

Roger J. Deveau 
12 Harrison Ave. 

Kevin L. Dunn 
3 Garden Ter. 

Edwin R. Devereux 
14 Leavitt St. 

James E. Edelstein 
281 Lafayette St. 

Robert N. Dickson 
22 Warren St. 

Joseph J. Elliott 
43 School St. 

Michael E. Dion 
35 Oakland St. 

Claire M. Ellis 
7 V : 2 Adams St. 

Maria A. D'lorio 
69 Summer St. 

Marie D. Ellis 
42 Osgood St. 

Richard M. DiTroia 
1 3 Prescott St. 

Patricia A. Emmert 
88 Linden St. 

Susanna DiVeglia 
1 3 Scenic Ave. 

Glenn M. Erps 
8 Forest Ave. 

Michael J. Donovan 
16 Orne St. 

James L. Femino 
14 Francis Rd. 

Pearl E. Dow 
25 Planters St. 

Paul Fenton 
7 Looney Ave. 

Claudia J. Dowdell 
18 Savoy Rd. 

Thomas N. Fenton 
7 Looney Ave. 

Kathleen J. Finniss 
1 4 Forrest Ave. 

Joanne G. Gibely 
49 Butler St. 

Barbara C. Fladger 
5 Sutton Ave. 

David Gibney 
80 Rainbow Ter. 

James M. Flowers 
31 Boardman St. 

JoAnn D. Gongas 
89 Tremont St. 

Kathleen M. Flynn 
1 0 Looney Ave. 

Cynthia P. Gorczyca 
56 Essex St. 

Susan E. Fontaine 
129 Rainbow Ter. 

Laurence F. Gray 
6 Harrison Rd. 

Deborah A. Fornari 
434 Essex St. 

Cynthia Greenberg 
421 Essex St. 

Arthur L. Francis 
100 Tremont St. 

Denise M. Guy 
35 Albion St. 

Nancy J. Fraser 
53 Fort Ave. 

Diane L. Guy 
35 Albion St. 

Harold D. Frautten 
7 Turner St. 

Mary B. Hagen 
39 Osgood St. 

John S. Frederiksen 
18 Chestnut St. 

Patricia M. Harkins 
0 Beckford St. 

Karen M. Freitas 
24 Foster St. 

Kathleen M. Hayes 
2 Naples Rd. 

Stanley Fronki 
29 Bow St. 

Donna Henderson 
65 Barstow St. 

Sheila Gallant 
36 Naumkeag St. 

Kathleen Hennessey 
10 Gables Cir. 

Nancy T. Gallo 
8 Barcelona Ave. 

Sheila M. Hever 
12 Conners Rd. 

Paul D. Gallo 
56 Valley St. 

Robert W. Higgens, J 
21 Southwick St. 

Michael L. Ganey 
1 Vista Ave. 

David S. Hoar 
4!/2 Naples Rd. 

Dixie Garfield 
114 Bridge St. 

William W. Horan 
7 Bradford St. 

Mark R. Garland 
7 Intervale Rd. 

Irene C. Horeczy 
45 Daniels St. 

Paula J. Gauthier 
48 Rainbow Ter. 

Christine E. Howe 
24 Mason St. 

Carol A. Gaynor 
49 Gallowa Hill Rd. 

Arthur P. Ingemi 
259 Washington St. 

Donald A. Jalbert 
31 Cedar St. 

William C. Kocur 
12 Nichols St. 

Jean J. Jalbert 
12 Clifton Ave. 

Mary Joyce Konieczny 
105 Derby St. 

Margaret A. Jamieson 
87 Federal St. 

Karen A. Konopka 
19 East Collins St. 

Donna M. Jendraszek 
20 Mason St. 

Albert S. Kopiecki 
5 Piedmont St. 

Joseph Jenkinson 
59 Appleton St. 

Maureen E. Kostan 
104 Rainbow Ter. 

John G. Jermyn 
146 Marlborough Rd. 

Martin Kozik 
1 2 Beach Ave. 

Alice E. Jerzyk 
•8 Garden Ter. 

Agnes J. Keajeski 
74 Leach St. 

Judith E. Johnson 
5 Maple Ave. 

Edward R. Kushmerek 
49 Belleview Ave. 

Roger G. Joly 
38 Salem St. 

Lynn M. LaChapelle 
160 Marlborough Rd. 

Carol J. Judge 
5 Lyme St. 

Patricia LaForme 
7 Winthrop St. 

Jean A. Julien 
87 Congress St. 

Donna Landry 
14 Oak View Ave. 

Peter Kastanopolous 
43 School St. 

Andrea M. Latauskas 
34 English St. 

Jamie A. Kefalas 
4 Prince St. PI. 

John F. Leahy 
66 Beaver St. 

Michael J. Kelleher 
4 Belleview Ave. 

Brenda LeBlanc 
1 7 Boston St. 

James M. Kelly 
78 Endicott St. 

Patricia L. LeBlanc 
27 Leavitt St. 

Trudy V. Kent 
18 Junipfer Ave. 

Raylene G. LeBlanc 
96 Broadway St. 

Bart A. Keyes 
75 Mason St. 

William C. LeBlanc 
16 Forest Ave. 

Jane M. Kiely 
135 North St. 

Peter G. Lecouras 
17 Geneva St. 

Charlene R. Kimball 
59 Leach St. 

James F. Lee 
1 Lemon St. Ct. 

John M. Kobuszewski 
7 Garden Ter. 

Heidi P. LeFleur 
8 Dearborn St. 

Jane M. LeFrancois 
99 Webb St. 

David A. Marshall 
12 Allen St. 

Veronica A. Leger 
16 Roslyn St. 

Kathleen M. Marshall 
56 Webb St. 

David R. Levasseur 
65 Rainbow Ter. 

Robert M. Marshall 
12 Allen St. 

Janice M. Levasseur 
2 Maple Ave. 

Donna M. Martel 
5 Preston Rd. 

Jean-Paul Levesque 
42 Dow St. 

Thomas M. Martin 
1 7 Symonds St. 

Peter R. Linskey 
8 Loring Ave. 

Janice A. Mattson 
4 Pickering St. 

John P. Lord 
1 Willow Ave. 

Robert P. McCauley 
93 Ocean Ave. 

Wayne G. Lord 
76 Palmer St. 

Kathleen B. McDuff 
1 Butler St. 

Linda A. Louf 
275 Jefferson Ave. 

Dorothy J. McKeen 
1 8 Becket St. 

Thomas A. Lubas 
1 7 Victory Rd. 

Gail McNeil 
1 59 Derby St. 

Susan Lyons 
6 Becket St. 

Peggy A. Mealey 
22 Carlton St. 

Laurel MacArtney 
90 Memorial Dr. 

Michael L. Merandino, 
24 Boston St. 

Anga-Ella M. MacDonald 
20 Hanson St. 

Juliana Merritt 
63 Beaver St. 

Deborah E. Maguire 
137 North St. 

Shirley A. Michaud 
IOIV 2 Ocean Ave. 

Diane S. Maney 
1 8 Symonds St. 

Susanne E. Michaud 
12 Savoy Rd. 

Theresa Mangiafico 
7 March St. 

John D. Milligan 
231 North St. 

Jane Manning 
5 Varney St. 

Deborah Milliken 
6 Manning St. 

Richard J. Marchand 
1 59 Lafayette St. 

Gregory J. Mizioch 
23 Becket St. 

Richard P. Marcgand 
39 Beaver St. 

Robert A. Monahan 
19 Liberty Hill Ave. 

Karen A. Marengi 
73 Valley St. 

Patricia A. Mooney 
28 Garden Ter. 

Edmond T. Morin 
19 Garden Ter. 

Janice P. O'Connell 
33 Franklin St. 

Patricia A. Morin 
47 Bridge St. 

Anne E. O'Connor 
116 Bridge St. 

Paul Morneau 
23 Oliver St. 

Patricia A. O'Dowd 
5 Mooney Ave. 

Maureen V. Morrison 
78 School St. 

Timothy O'Keefe 
30 Mason St. 

Robert P. Moulton 
10 Fostor Ct. 

Nancy Lee Olbrych 
1 1 Gables Cir. 

Richard L. Munroe 
88 Tremont St. 

Dorothy Olszewski 
15 Dalton Parkway 

Kathleen A. Murphy 
47 Memorial Dr. 

Charles E. O'Neil 
82 Linden St. 

Owen P. Mysliwy 
232 Lafayette St. 

William M. O'Shea 
37 Winter Island Rd 

Janet Nabozny 
9 Maple Ave. 

Bruce V. Ouellette 
25 Hazel St. 

Denise B. Nadeau 
16 Holly St. 

Doris A. Ouellette 
97 Rainbow Ter. 

Kathleen M. Nadeau 
1 1 Madeline Ave. 

Stanely D. Ozerrko 
10 Meadow St. 

Edward J. Narey, Jr. 
9 Barton St. 

Elaine M. Page 
168 Bridge St f 

Claire P. Nelson 
22 Ord St. 

Gail Page 
67 Palmer St. 

Kathleen A. Newton 
39 Butler St. 

Deborah Patch 
81 Washington St. 

Carol A. Noble 
37 Beaver St. 

James P. Patterson 
22 Garden St. 

Joanne M. Nonni 
45 Winthrop St. 

Linda Pelletier 
19 Beacon St. 

Richard D. Noone 
2 River St. 

Linda Pelletier 
6 Cushing St. 

Beverly A. Norbaka 
9 Beacon St. 

Rena Pelletier 
3 Horton St. 

Elaine R. Norris 
76 Bridge St. 

Ronald T. Pelletier 
4 Arthur, St. 

Thomas W. O'Brien 
78 Washington Sq. East 

Gerald P. Pesarek 
7 Orange St. 

Christine O'Connell 
52 Essex St. 

Janet Y. Peterson 
7 Cedar Crest Ave. 

Mary L. Peterson 
22 Washington Sq. East 

James P. Patropoulos 
3 Butler St. 

Susan M. Phelps 
3 Salt Wall Lane 

Peter E. Phillips 

26 Aborn St. 

Elizabeth J. Pickett 
42 Irving St. 

Deborah A. Plante 
1 Salem St. 

Marietta M. Polemenako 
1 1 5 Boston St. 

Janice M. Pretanik 
28 Roslyn St. 

Alexander A. Pszenny 

27 Columbus Ave. 

Kathleen M. Putnam 

8 Milk St. 

John Pydnkowski 

9 Liberty Hill Ave. 

George J. Queenan 
7 Upham St. 

Joanne M. 'Queenan 
7 Upham St. 

William R. Raby 
12 Cleveland St. 

Emanuel C. Reale 
45 Lawrence St. 

Robert H. Reddy 
3 Northend St. 

Charles E. Rebal 
1 Allen St. 

Pricilla E. Remon 
6 Lathrop St. 

David P. Richard 
1 Victory Rd. 

Ruth A. Richards 
1 3 Mason St. 

Thomas Richards 
12 Park St. 

Nancy Richardson 
1 33 North St. 

Lorraine R. Rizzo 
4V 2 Cushing St. 

Mildred T. Roberts 
22 Ward St. 

Deborah Robinson 
6 Granite St. 

Stephen G. Robinson 

5 Downing St. 

Paul A. Rogalski 
64 Hathorne St. 

Anne M. Romano 

6 Bradley Rd. 

Susan M. Ronan 
2 Wall St. Ct. 

Donna M. Rosinski 
30 Osgood St. 

Cynthia A. Rouleau 
5 Orchard St. 

Janice M. Roy 
231 Lafayette St. 

Klaus B. Saggerer 
10 Balcomb St. 

Gerard J. St. Amand 
40 Butler St. 

John St. Charles 
2 Hosmer Ave. 

David H. St. Gelais 
55 Ocean Ave. 

Carol St. Laurent 
5 Grant Rd. 

Sheryl St. Pierre 
1 1 Orchard St. 

Dana A. Salvo 
25 Raymond Ave. 

Rhonda L. Sampson 
5 Harris St. 

Thomas M. Santos 
49 School St. 

Carol A. Saunders 
4 Allen St. 

Kenneth A. Sawicki 
31 Barr St. 

Dianne C. Snow 
25 Dearborn St. 

Patricia L. Sawyer 
1 1 West Ave. 

May P. Soo Hoo 
21 North St. 

James H. Scanlan 
17 Dunlap St. 

Donald Soper 
32 Cedar View St. 

Patrick F. Scanlan 
17 Dunlap St. 

Phillis L. Spak 
1 5 Appleton St. 

Sarah E. Schooley 
20 Chestnut St. 

Steven G. Stamatopulos 
27 Clark St. 

Kathleen Schrader 
36 Dunlap St. 

James Stanchfield 
6 Cressey Ave. 

Anthony Scialdone 
174 Ocean Ave. 

Kathleen J. Stevens 
37 Loring Ave. 

Carl Scialdone 
167 Ocean Ave. 

Bruce A. Stewart 
98 Linden St. 

Linda M. Scialdone 
171 Ocean Ave. 

James P. Sullivan 
25 Bow St. 

Mary B. Scullin 
5 Fairmount St. 

Janet M. Sultzbach 
1 Story Rd. 

Raymond Senechal 
19 Buchanan Rd. 

Charles W. Swift 
208 Lafayette St. 

Donna M. Shanahan 
I6V2 Langdon St. 

John A. Swift 
208 Lafayette St. 

James W. Shea 
14 English St. 

Daniel Swindell 
9 Chandler St. 

Gary S. Shepard 
9 Lafayette PI. 

Timothy A. Swindell 
9 Chandler St. 

Dorothy C. Sicotte 
49 Lawrence St. 

Daniel J. Szczensny 
23 Beach St. 

Charles A. Silva 
34 Irving St. 

Stanley T. Szczuka 
14 Garden Ter. 

Federick R. Simpson 
20 Columbus Ave. 

Peter J. Szetela 
2 Blaney St. 

Charles D. Sinclair 
43 Appleton St. 

Diane M. Tahaney 
1 26 Bridge St. 

Patricia Sinclair 
43 Appleton St. 

Michael G. Tassinari 
136 Ocean Ave. 

Frank W. Smith 
22 Conant St. 

Claire M. Thibodeau 
10 Glover St. 

Janet M. Smith 
7 Home St. 

Diane M. Thomas 
3 Cedar Rd. 

Carl A. Thompson 

Sandra R. Yocum 

41 1 Essex St. 

1 1 5 Rainbow Ter. 

Kathleen A. Tivnan 

Patricia Zalewski 

19 Manning St. 

1 1 Glendale St. 

William J. Toomey 

Richard Zegarowski 

96 Washington Sq. 

8 Belleau Rd. 

Ann M. Trembly 

Dennis H. Zielski 

5 Crosby St. 

6 Eleanor Rd. 

Nancy L. Turner 

Richard D. Bouffard 

22 Juniper Ave. 

140 Bridge St. 

Patricia A. Tyrrell 

Bruce K. Daigle 

385 Vi Lafayette St. 

1 V 2 Japonica Ave. 

Kevin L. Valliere 

Theodore Foustoukos 

19 Barcelonia Ave. 

19 Boardman St. 

Cathleyne Vassy 

Thomas J. Gagnon 

19 Hazel St. 

7 Rainbow Ter. 

Patricia Veneski 

Paul R. Griffin 

43 Dow St. 

4 Chase St. 

Norman L. Violette 

David D. Kulas 

14 Lynch St. 

7 Hardy St. 

John J. Vistorino 

Paul LaBlanc 

1 3 Read St. 

210 Jefferson Ave. 

Cynthia L. Waldron 

Peter Nekoroski 

26 Boston St. 

69 School St. 

Bonnie A. Walsh 

Albert Ouellette 

1 Chase St. 

83 Ocean Ave. 

Evelyn J. Warren 
95 Ocean Ave. 

Robert Pappas 

176 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead 

David J. Welch 
6 Chandler St. 

Bruce W. Shaw 
291 Chestnut St. 

Randal Wentworth 
56 Dow St. 

Lynn, Mass. 

Donna A. Westphal 
46 V 2 Essex St. 

Nickolas P. St. Amand 
6 Abbott St. 

Kristine Wilson 
148 Bay View Ave. 

Elliot Salkins 
4 Cross St. 

Deborah D. Wong 

Michael J. Thibault 

499 Loring Ave. 

4 Prince St. PI. 

Patricia Woodman 

Kenneth E. Thompson 

91 Bridge St. 

10 English St. 

Janice L. Workman 

Edward M. Zaikowski 

1 2 Leach St. 

37 Winter Island Rd. 


Ducom Inc. 

Attorney and Mrs. Gardner W. Mattson 
Pekin Cleansers 
Albert J. Marlin, D.D.S. 

The Sherman Williams Company 
Warren R. Mayne, D.D.S. 

Newcomb and Gauss Company 
John R. Sa raf ini, Esquire 
Lena's Submarine Shop-Essex Street-Salem 
Edward Rosenthal, D.M.D. 


Gerald T. McCarthy, Insurance 
Derby Cafe Inc. 

Irving M. Marcus, D.D.S. 

Saltz Chevrolet Inc. 

Dave Murphy, Atlantic Service 
Adasko's Juniorama 
Waters and Brown Inc. 

Samuel E. Zoll 



Ted's For Tires 
Salem TV and Radio Inc. 

O'Rourke Brothers Inc. 

Salem Card Shop Inc. 

Lavender Printing Company 
The French Club 
National House Home Furnishings 
Jacks' Ladies Apparel 
Kimball Travel Center 
Colonial Men's Shop 
T. R. Kerr Furniture Company 
Compliments of Town and Country Motors 
Marquis Cleansers 
Gerber's Restaurant 
Barnett Fabric Stores Inc. 

Salem Laundry 

Anthony and Salem Auto School 



Connelly's Candies Inc , Salem-Lynn-Swampscott 
Clark S. Sears, Esq. 

Holyoke of Salem Insurance Agency, Inc. 

George P. Vallis-Attorney At Law 
The Memates Tanning Co. Inc. 

Attorney Thaddeus Buczko-Auditor of The 
Cobb Electric Motor 
John J. Ballow, M.D. 


Attorney Sumner L. Raymond 
Essex Vacuum Cleaner Co. 

Thomas F. Henry, M.D. 

Jim's Variety 
Richard 0. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. O'Donnell Jr. 

Picscrew Machine Inc. 

Irving E Mysliwy, M.D. 

George A. Ahmed 




Literary Advisor 
Mrs. Madeline Nolan 

Business Advisor 
Mr. Domenico Mizzi 

Art Advisor 
Mr. William Stevens 

yearbook staff 

Front Row: Kevin Whitney, Jim Sullivan, Ellen Chagnon (Editor-in-Chief), Kathy Bellew, Kathy Tivnan. Back Row: Cindy Gorczyca, (assistant 
editor), Paul Dube, Janet Briggs, Denise Nadeau. 


Congratulations and Best 
Wishes to the class of 1970 from 
the staff of Gainsboro Studio 

3 1 7 Essex St. 

Salem, Mass. 

Gainsboro Studio Photographers 

Other pictures taken were by: 

Paul Dube 

(Yearbook photography editor) 

Kevin Whitney 

(Assistant photography editor) 

The Salem Evening News 



Change is everywhere around us. Some things change rapidly 
while others take many, many years. Some things change for the 
better, while others unfortunately change for the worse. It is up 
to us, the youth of today, and more precisely each member of 
the Class of 1970, to decide into which direction this change 
will be steered. Becoming more aware, more concerned, and 
more involved, will aid us in determining the correct solutions 
to the decisions we will be forced to make many times in the 
course of our lives. Hopefully, these decisions will result in con- 
structive, not destructive change. 

The members of the Yearbook Staff would like to take this 
opportunity to thank all of the people who devoted their time 
and efforts to aiding the production of this book. 

Our deepest thanks are extended to our advisors: Mrs. Mad- 
aline Nolan, literary advisor; Mr. Domenico Mizzi, business ad- 
visor and Mr. William Stevens, art advisor. Without their guid- 
ance and help, the production of "Witch 1970" would never 

have been possible. 

We hope that you, the Class of 1970, have enjoyed your 
yearbook and will continue to enjoy it for many years to come. 

The Yearbook Staff would like to dedicate following picture of 
the empty corridor to future change.